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The Phantomat

The Phantomat was born in 1977 in Frankfurt and lived in Vienna and San José before moving to London in 2011. The Phantomat’s work explores the boundaries and tension points that exist between space, time and sensory experiences, whilst simultaneously dissecting the impact these elements have on our relationships and sense of self. In keeping with her conceptual avoidance of restrictive categorisation, her work is rendered in a wide variety of mediums including mixed-media sculpture, performance, and a prolific series of drawings.

Much of The Phantomat’s output is performed or enacted across those borders – real and imagined – that are socially constructed by contemporary society. By highlighting and subsequently subverting these borders, the viewer is offered a humorous yet poignant counterpoint to our sense of agency over the spaces we inhabit; for example, her 2007 project at the Museum of Architecture in Vienna involved spectators travelling with the artist on a bus tour, whilst she, blinded to the external view, drew her perceptions of the surrounding cityscape. Her work prompts primal, almost synaesthetic reactions and experiences, in which our understanding of language, gender, geography and the faculties through which we process our surroundings are challenged, and we are left to question our confidence our resolute perceptions of the world in which we live.

The Phantomat’s work has featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe including:First Story – Women Building / New Narratives for the 21st Century, Galeria do Palacio, Porto (2001); An Evening with FO/GOlab, Das Experiment, Seccession, Vienna (2002) (both with collective FO/GOlab); Exactly Without- Venice, Gallery Spiazzi, Venice (solo, 2007); Clashy Drawings, Franzensgasse, European Year of Science and Creativity, Vienna (solo, 2007); Russische Originalversion, Schauraum, Vienna (solo, 2008); Montag ist erst übermorgen.Young Art on Paper. Acquisitions of the Graphic Collection 1997-2012, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (2012). She was awarded the Sussmann Art Prize in 2006 and the Theodor Körner Art Prize in 2007. Former name I.Becker


Texts about her work


2017 “salon”, The Hive, Hackney Wick, London

2016 “Exactly without- Edinburgh”, Edinburgh, UK

2016 “Hackney Wicked”, Hackney Wick, London

2015 „performers“, Red Gallery, London

2015 „SWO“, Arcola Theatre, London

2015 „What’s the hussle?“, Working Mens Club, London

2015 „Female Masculinity“, Royal Vauxall Tavern, London

2015 „InDiaogue“, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (UK)

2014 „Queer Femmes“, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

2013 „here now“, the albert, London

Public purchases, scholarships & art prices

2007 Theodor Körner Art Price, Austria

2006 Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, Berlin

2006 Sussmann Art Price, Austria

2005 Public Purchase Federal Chancellery, Austria

2004 Public Purchase Graphic Collection, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2004-2007 Studio scholarship, Wiener Werkstaetten und Kultur, Vienna

Catalogues, art-books & press

Peripheral ARTeries, Interview by art magazine, 2015

prowlhouse, magazine: Isabel Becker, Feminizing money by Yasmine Rix, 2015 

– Tina Bepperling: „ICI Garikula“, 2009/10 (Vertrieb Salon für Kunstbuch)

– Heinrich Dunst; Walter Pamminger: „RISS/LÜCKE/SCHARNIER A“, Scheidegger & Spiess/ Galerie nebst St. Stephan, Wien 2010

– Insert, artist book, ed. by A. Barboza, Gutleut publishing house, Frankfurt a.M. 2008

-Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, ed. by Birgit Schumacher, Uwe Jonas, Berlin 2007

-FO/GOlab: “[fem.] ADDITIVES“, Revolver publishing house, Stuttgart 2006

-„Isabel Becker“, Kulturschiene am Mittwoch, moderation Dana Charkasi, Radio Orange

-Krieger/ Kramer/ Einem/ Alkier: „Malerei in Österreich“, Vienna 2005

-Bresciani, E./Kurzel-Runtscheiner, M./Samsonow, E.v.: „Schwanenhals und Goldkrepine“, Museum of Art History, Vienna 2004

-Ragnardóttir, Brindis: „It was half my fault and half the atmosphere“, Denmark 2004

-S. Schmidt-Wulffen: „Akademie der Bildenen Künste 2002-2003”, Vienna 2003

-U. M. Bauer: „first story – women building / new narratives for the 21th century“, cologne 2002


1998-2000 “sculpture and project art”, Prof. Hannes Brunner and Zvika Kantor, Muthesius- Hochschule, Kiel (GER)

2000 “architecture of resistance”, summer academy with Kyong Park, Detroit

2000-2002 “conceptual art”, Prof. René Green, academy of fine arts, Vienna, diploma

2002-2005 Prof. Elisabeth Samsonow, academy of fine arts, Vienna


2008 „eop-picture-night“, Werkzeug H, Vienna
2008 „Pechakucha“, Ovalhalle, Museumsquartier, Vienna
2007 „real presence“, garajistanbul, Istanbul

download portfolio

Selected exhibitions

2017 “Queerhana”, NGBK, Berlin

2013 „Circus Orgasmuz“, Mori + Stein Gallery, London

2013 „Here Now“, the Albert, London

2012 sound for Second Nature, Lee Miller collection, London Fashion Week, Aldwych Hotel, London (team-work with the „Home Office“)

2012 „Montag ist erst übermorgen.Young Art on Paper. Acquisitions of the Graphic Collection 1997-2012“, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2011 sound for Dr.Robert, Lee Miller collection, London Fashion Week, The University Women’s Club, London (team-work with the „Home Office“)

2011 „Creekside open“, A.P.T. Gallery, London

2010 „Breaking the stereotype III“, curated Veronika Bernard, depo, Istanbul

2010 „Symposium Himmelberg“, Kunstmühle Himmelberg, Carinthia, Austria

2009 „clashy drawings“, Franzensgasse, Vienna (solo)

2009 „International Forum of Contemporary Art Georgia 2009“, Garikula, Georgia

2009 „Breaking the stereotype“, curated by Veronika Bernard: INMP, Roma/ city hall, Wörgl (Austria)/ II.International Congress of European Turks, Antwerpen

2009 „MAZE“, Projektraum, WUK, Vienna

2008 „russische Originalversion“, Schauraum, curated by Gerald Zahn and Matthias Haydn, Vienna (solo)

2008 “aristerium”, curated by Magda Guruli, Lika Mamatsashvili and Nino Tchogoshvili, Tblisi, Georgia

2008 “Viennart- Vienna and the symbolic capital”, musa, Museum of the city of Vienna

2008 “Breaking the stereotype”, curated by Veronika Bernard, Kadir-Has University, Istanbul and Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms University, Bonn

2008 „MIK“, Vienna

2008 „Anonyme Zeichner“, curated by Anke Becker, Meinblau, Berlin

2008 „As bring collective“, curated by Ursula Probst, Künstlerhaus-Passage, Vienna

2008 „Video-Salon 3“, Galerija10m2, Sarajewo

2008 „course of intervention“, Galerie Kargart, curated by Dayan Ozan Özoğlu, Istanbul

2007 “exactly without- Venice”, Gallery Spiazzi, Venice (solo)

2007 „be one – get three“, Galerie Cluster, Berlin

2007 “Sundays 101”, performance, Center of architecture, museums quarter, Vienna

2007 “urban pilgrims”, Blumberg artspace, Vienna

2006 “The froth of translation 3”, public space Vienna (solo)

2006 “Riss/ Lücke/ Scharnier A”, concept of Heinrich Dunst, galerie nebst St. Stephan, Vienna (team-work with Heinrich Dunst)

2006 “basis & hedgehog”, museum island, Berlin

2006 “Diskonta”, curated by Dagmar Höss, IG-Kunst, Vienna

2005 “Le schaum BRUTal”, INTAKT Art Space, Vienna (solo)

2005 “daily calendar”, Gallery in the Vorwerkstift, Hamburg (solo)

2005 “Romatic Parasites”, Buhl Areal, Gars am Kamp, Austria

2004 „polychrome sculpture at Theseum- the power of colour“, Theseus-

tempel, Museum of Art History, Vienna

2004 „crane neck and gold crepine“, curated by E. Bresciani, Wagenburg

Schönbrunn, Museum of Art History, Vienna

2004 “First we take Manhattan..”, Torstraße, Berlin

2003 “Women are Organizing in Belgrade”, Women Studies Center, Belgrade (solo)

2003 „blank (made) areas“, New World (B)order, dance-quarter, museums-

quartier, Vienna (team-work with FO/GOlab)

2003 “Kooperation”, viedeo presentation, Frauen Aktiv, Verein wiener Jugenzentren,

Vienna (team-work with FO/GOlab)

2002 „an evening with FO/GOlab“, Das Experiment, Seccession, Vienna

Diploma, academy of fine arts, Vienna (team-work with FO/GOlab)

2001 “First Story – Women Building / New Narratives for the 21st Century”,

curated by U. Meta Bauer, Galeria do Palacio, Porto (P) (team-work with FO/GOlab)

2001 “real presence”, museum of the 21th may, Belgrade

2001 “Women Organizing”, dubistdiewelt, Wiener Festwochen, Künstlerhaus, Vienna (team- work with FO/GOlab)

2001 „Soft Balll: Kulturalisierung und Politisierung“, InfOpool, Kassel

2001 „Three things that the world does not understand“, Generali Foundation Window, Vienna

2000 “the voice that is clanking in the dark”, gallery Prima Kunst, Kiel (solo)

2000 “Faber Castell”, project space, Muthesius-Hochschule, Kiel (solo)

2000 “February- show”, Passagengalerie, Künstlerhaus, Vienna

2000 “christmas”, curated by I. Burgbacher-Krupka, Kunst und Projekte,

gallery of the city of Sindelfingen (GER)