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shop for interactions

Portfolio Viewing

Send me images of your sketch -books or other media-files and we are going to look at them together. We can meet-up in London or talk via Skype.

You will develop the skill to work independently on your own ideas. The following topics will come up:

  • portfolio-viewingFor which university course are my works suitable? How do I approach a university?
  • Do I need more or less works in a variety of media?
  • Which “theme” can be expanded to a bigger project and how do I realize it?
  • What is the intention of my work and do others spot that as well?

My field of expertise are the Visual Arts but I also have had a summer job as a Restorer for 7 years. I can provide the basics for other disciplines and you can take a follow-up course with an expert. I have been a tutor for 5 years at City Academies in Vienna. My students have been accepted at Universities for Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Art Education and Restoration. I genuinely love teaching and I will challenge everyone according to their personality and experience.

£50 per session (min. one hour), first session free

Contact us for more information

Book a performance

I have performed on stages in bars and arty night clubs. For this environment I have created a stage version with loud music. 



You can book a performance for a private party. I can also recommend you similar performers to complete your program.

Available performances: “Cello-love”, “Strip-tape”, “Hit like”

£200 + travelling costs

Contact us for more information

Rent an artwork


  • 10£ per month
  • cancel anytime
  • plus shipping costs or free pickup
  • If the work get’s damaged, it has to be paid by the customer.
  • Deposit in the value of the artwork
Contact us for more information

The Art Guest

The artist comes to your country and lives in your spare room. The artist produces an artwork for you in return.

the-art-guest-emerging-collectorsYou get the unique opportunity to be there when an artwork is made. You will understand things about art, that can’t be communicated in interviews and biographies. You can follow up the artist later in their future career. And it won’t be just any artwork, it will be made for your space and the people living in it.

In the usual process, an emerging artist has to rent a studio, an office space and a storage. Then, if an artwork is sold, it has to be brought to the collectors home with a professional art transport. Since these costs are saved, you will get an artwork for at least half the price. Artists have always been inspired by traveling. The artist will be happy to focus on an artwork for a collector, which is being valued, rather than producing into the blue. That means, that they have to pay the material costs upfront, the rent of the studio and then the work might end up catching dust in storage.

What do I get?

We do not believe in commissions. If you tell an artist what to do, you either get a lousy job or they will just do whatever pleases them.


What to consider

Do you have space, or do you need to make some first? Do all the members of the household agree with your taste? Do children or pets require the artwork to be framed and screwed to the wall? Can you only cope with cheerful, light artworks or do not mind, if they are dark?

the studio

Do you have a place, where things can get dirty? Or do you not allow it, since the work have to be produced in its final space? Can the artist work at night? Are any persons going through the space where the artist would be working?


Think of the artist as if they were a lodger, who pays rent. The artist has no other duties than producing an artwork but also no more rights than any other lodger.

the course of action

Write to us, and then we will give you a call and have a short chat with you. If we think that you are suitable, we will negotiate the details and make a contract.


On the smallest scale, you would get a small artwork and the artist would only stay for a couple of days. On the biggest scale, the artist would stay up to a month and produce a large work. The host pays for the material costs. But these can be kept to a minum. Wheter the host or the artist pays for the flight- if there is one- is up to negotiation.


After the artist has had time in your space, they will come up with ideas, scetches and material examples. You will then sit down with them and decide size, materials and content. From that point onwards, the artist takes all the decisions and won’t accept tips until the work is completed.


A written contract with legal names is made between the artist and the host, which contains the lengh of stay, the material costs and what the artist has agreed to produce. It also includes a standard lodger agreement excluding the payments.

“The art guest” is open to collaborations. We are looking for curators, writers, mentors. Or if you think, we need something that you have or that you want to learn, just ask.

Contact us for more information