The Phantomat | The froth of translation
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The froth of translation

The artist painted in art-brut-style on a transparent plastic hung from the ceiling. She imitated her own painting with her body, becoming a dog, a bird, a person with an umbrella. The performance took place in a driving car. The visitors got into the car at the stop and drove around the block. The artist then transcribed her own performance into an animation. A photo of the animation was painted with icing onto a cake. In the end, the cake was eaten by the visitors of an exhibition and the sounds of chewing were recorded.

It is a setting, an experiment, testing the post-modern discourses of medium and content, digital reproduction of images, translation as a creative process. What seems a way out of the traditional setting of artist, gallery and viewer is happily incorporated. The artist tests discourses and mocks her own captivity by conceptual art, the participatory audience and art-brut.