I am Kilian aka The Phantomat. I am a transgender and my pronouns are he/him/his. I am an artist working from my studio in London. I enjoy painting, drawing and performing. Professional Art has been my journey for 25 years and I am still in love with it. I also practise martial arts and facilitate meditation groups. I have had a range of part time jobs such as casino croupier, wrestler, cellist, restorer, sandwich chef and medium. Please let me know what you like about my art and any questions are welcome. I am open to out-of-the-box ideas to show my art.

The Phantomat is a transgender who was born in Frankfurt also raised in Costa Rica and lived in Vienna before moving to London in 2011. The Phantomat’s work explores the boundaries and tension points that exist between space, time and sensory experiences, whilst simultaneously dissecting the impact these elements have on our relationships and sense of self. In keeping with her conceptual avoidance of restrictive categorisation, his work is rendered in a wide variety of mediums including mixed-media sculpture, performance, and a prolific series of drawings.

Much of The Phantomat’s output is performed or enacted across those borders – real and imagined – that are socially constructed by contemporary society. By highlighting and subsequently subverting these borders, the viewer is offered a humorous yet poignant counterpoint to our sense of agency over the spaces we inhabit; for example, his 2007 project at the Museum of Architecture in Vienna involved spectators travelling with the artist on a bus tour, whilst he, blinded to the external view, drew his perceptions of the surrounding cityscape. Her work prompts primal, almost syn-aesthetic reactions and experiences, in which our understanding of language, gender, geography and the faculties through which we process our surroundings are challenged, and we are left to question our confidence our resolute perceptions of the world in which we live.


  • 2017 “Queerhana”, NGBK, Berlin

  • 2008 “Viennart- Vienna and the symbolic capital”, musa, Museum of the city of Vienna

  • 2007 “Sundays 101”, performance, Center of architecture, museums quarter, Vienna

  • 2007 Theodor Körner Art Price, Austria

  • 2006 Sussmann Art Price, Austria

  • 2006 “Riss/ Lücke/ Scharnier A”, concept of Heinrich Dunst, galerie nebst St. Stephan, Vienna (team-work with Heinrich Dunst)